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创举非手术 脊柱及关节的治疗

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Focus on
pain management

Safe, painless and comfortable

treatment plans

 Reach your health goals without the need for surgical intervention, reduce your recovery time and the risk of complications.

We're committed to helping you find effective,  solutions to alleviate constant pain and to lead a more comfortable life.

Our treatments aim to be painless while ensuring your recovery towards better health is fully comfortable.

 Every individual has their unique healthcare needs. We create tailored treatment plans so you get the right care.

Conditions treated

We're dedicated to offering the latest, state-of-the-art therapies for treating pain.


在Peak Chiropractic,我们会以个人个别的需求及身体状况来定制治疗方案


Our team

With over 50 years experience between our team we're dedicated to our patients their recovery journey.

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