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Shockwave Therapy

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Shockwave has an amazing, up 90% success rate* for certain tendon conditions,

sometimes within as little as 5 sessions! 

Benefits of this treatment include:

  • very safe

  • affordable

  • very few side effects

  • non invasive

  • reductions in pain often felt immediately










Tendons take much longer to heal as blood flow is a bit more sparse. Targeting tendons with acoustic waves (shockwaves) with a Swiss Doloclast device is clinically proven to increase new blood vessel formation, reverse chronic inflammation, reduced pain, stimulate stem cells, thereby accelerating the bodies natural healing process.

Did you know that… Top Athletes around the world get treated with Swiss Dolorclast Shockwave Therapy Machines?

Some of the most famous football clubs, AFL, international rugby and olympic teams are using the Dolorclast Shockwave. 


What Is Shockwave Therapy?

The Swiss DolorClast® Shockwave Therapy Machine uses single acoustic pressure waves, called shock waves, to treat musculoskeletal pathologies.

By delivering a mechanical wave to injured tissues, Shock Waves enable:

  1. Immediate pain relief

  2. A healing reaction of the body


The Swiss DolorClast Method® is the most well-researched shock wave therapy. A combination of unique

technologies, clinically proven protocols and education ensure signicant improvement in given musculoskeletal


It is an effective and non-invasive method for the treatment of

localized musculoskeletal pathologies such as:

Shockwave ESWT Conditions treated
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